Record Adapter

When I was a kid, I used to play, i.e. destroy, my brothers’ old records. We had tons of these 45 RPM adapters around. Cinema 4D and Photoshop, with the paths drawn in Illustrator.

QuickTime X Icon

Somebody, I think Jonas, was looking for this one. Quick visualization in Photoshop, with the paths drawn in Illustrator. Based on screenshots on, not on the one on the WWDC banners. Might do that one, too.

Palm Pre is now shipping!

Palm’s new mobile device, the Pre, is now shipping! I’ve had a unique opportunity at Palm to do a wide variety of things on webOS. Visuals, interaction, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, etc. It’s just really great to see how quickly people can develop for this platform. I’m fortunate to work with a lot of incredibly dedicated and talented people at Palm.

Palm Pre product page
Palm Developer Program
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