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"Like that old game from, like the 70's, only this one is for Mac OS X, and doesn't require batteries.
Unless, I suppose, you're using a PowerBook."

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Simon Extreme is a reinterpretation of the classic 1978 Milton Bradley game Simon, complete with authentic gameplay and sound samples from the original game. Written for Mac OS X, Simon Extreme features:

  • Mac OS X Aqua-inspired graphics
  • Alternate sound sets including Metal, Trip Hop, and Windchimes
  • Local and internet high scores. Compare your scores with others on the internet!

Control Panel!Central control panel shows your current score
With the advent of "L.E.D." technology, and many other subsequent, unrelated "L.E.D."-simulation technology breakthroughs, Simon Extreme can display your score while you play. With the control panel buttons, you have quick, easy access to start a new game, show the Top Scores list, and the Preferences window, where you can set such settings as Game Speed, and...

Button Keys!Button Keys shortcuts
The ability to set keyboard shortcuts for the buttons is just one of the few features of Simon Extreme!

Intuitive Aqua interface
You’ll love Simon Extreme's Mac OS X Aqua-inspired interface. You've never imagined how wonderful a few colored buttons can look. Or, maybe you have. Anyway, it's really great and we're pretty happy with it. The simple elegance of Aqua meshes with the elegant simplicity of Simon, in a way that might make one say, "Bleep bleep bleep bleep, bleep bleep bleep bleep!"

Nihonjins rejoice!Japanese Ready!
Simon Extreme is localized for you, whether you're a cattle rancher from Missourah, or a salaryman from Shinjuku. What can we say but, "Zen-zen wakarimasen!"

If you're interested in helping us localize Simon Extreme into French, German, or other languages, let us know!
Top Scores!Post your score on the Simon Extreme Internet high score server!
If you get a high score, you can enter your name and save the score. If you're good enough, you can also make the Simon Extreme Internet high score list. If you make a mistake that ends the game, you can undo the last move, listen to the sequence again, and keep playing. However, if you use Undo, you can't save your score.

Simon Extreme features multiple sound sets
Tired of the classic Simon sounds? Just head up to the Sounds menu, and pick one of the new sound sets, specially created for Simon Extreme!

Sound Sets!
Trying to get in a game of Simon Extreme during a meeting or a class? Turn off the Play Sounds option, and tune out those pesky daily responsibilities!

Simon Extreme is a noncommercial project, distributed under the terms of the
" Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike"
Creative Commons Public License.
Source code is available.
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